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April 15, 2015
Personalized Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Personalized Mother’s Day Gift Ideas You Can Plan Now

The older my kids get, the more sentimental I become. Watching them grow into young adults really makes me appreciate every moment as their mother. I guess that’s why Mother’s Day is such a special holiday because it gives us all an opportunity to shine a light on our moms […]
April 4, 2015
Alive! - Easter, 2015


Easter is a special time that signifies promise and new beginnings! This is a great time to take stock of your life and priorities. It is never too late to make a new start or to chart a new course.   This joy that I have, the world didn’t give it […]
April 1, 2015
yo-yo heels

Fond Memories of An Easter Dress

Easter brings back some of my fondest childhood memories. Probably my favorite Easter memory is waltzing into church bedecked with a brand-new Spring dress. If I remember right, that dress was finished off with white knee socks and a pair of yo-yo heels that my aunt had given me. Wow, […]
March 28, 2015
Parent Checklist For College: Junior Year

Parent Checklist For College: Junior Year

  The moment comes way too soon. One minute you’re hosting sleepovers and kissing the owies away and the next you’re looking through endless lists of college possibilities. However, regardless of the path you and your child have traveled to this point, nothing has the power to snap you into […]
March 18, 2015
Spring Is Here

10 Signs Spring Has Arrived!

Yippee girls! Thursday, March 20 marks the first official day of Spring. Of course, Spring can mean totally different things depending on which part of the country you’re from, so I included a little something for everyone. TEN SIGNS SPRING HAS ARRIVED (and one to grow on!) It’s no longer […]
February 21, 2015
When The First Chick Leaves The Nest

Empty Nest – When The First Chick Leaves The Nest

I am keenly aware that our life is comprised of seasons and each new season brings new challenges and opportunities. Personally, I entered a brand-new season this Fall when my son, Jay, left home to attend college. It’s always harder to be the “leavee” than the leaver. Click To Tweet […]
February 14, 2015
Love Is In The Little Things

Love Is In The Little Things

Valentine’s Day is that special time of the year when we shine the light on romance and relationships. It’s a fun holiday. After all, how can you go wrong with a day that highlights the color red? But, lasting love takes more than one day a year. Lasting love is […]
January 2, 2015
You Can Lose Weight Over The Holidays

You Can Lose Weight Over The Holidays

You can lose weight over the holidays! That is something that I would have thought inconceivable at one time in my life, but I now realize that the issue of weight is something all of us can actually come to terms with. What’s more, I believe that weight loss is […]
January 1, 2015
First Photo Shoot, The FABulous Journey

First Post – Life Is A Fabulous Journey!

  First Post – Life Is A Fabulous Journey! I stepped into the world of blogging a few months ago because I was initially inspired by my recent revelations about weight.  As a result, I started “The Weight Journey” as a blog to explore our thinking about weight and to […]