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I’m honored that you’re here!

You are busy living your life and walking out your own personal journey.

I get you girlfriend. I am right there with you...

just trying my best to navigate the twists and turns of my own life.

Here’s a big hug!

I’m Shellie. I’m on the right side of 50, a mother of two grown kids and a long-time wife to a wonderful husband. We were both raised in the South, but he led me across oceans to Asia where we’ve lived for almost half of my life.

Oh, and I am a confessed chocolate addict (in fact, I like to have a piece of it every day)!

My journey has indeed been a fabulous one…full of twists and eventful turns.

I graduated with a teaching degree and hardly ever taught.

I married a man with a calling to far-off lands & made a life among rice fields and skyscrapers.

I raised two awesome kids. I loved them well and cried when they left home.
Although they are a world away, they are always home in mama’s heart.

Thankfully, my man is here to stay and I hug him often.


Now that we're only two, I look to God to open new roads and territory to explore.

I started "The FABulous Journey" blog about 7 years ago. I write posts for every step along life's journey; from fashion and fitness tips to insights on faith and fulfillment.

I turned to God to help me navigate one constant obstacle and wrote my first book,

Find Your Weigh

Then, I wrote a Bible Study to make my simple words come alive with God’s awesome truth.

God put a spark of an idea in my mind. It all started with a simple journal.
I’m amazed at the plans He has for me…they really are good!

But, in the end, my words are only as good as…
The life I live!

I love God and I gain great joy from following Jesus’ example.

He lived his life and ministry out and about. He mixed it up with all kinds of people and he loved them all. That’s what I try to do in my life.

There is a southern gospel song that says...
“This joy that I have, the world didn’t give it to me.
The world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away.”

Well, that pretty much sums me up.
I gain comfort, hope and strength from God and I try to share a little of that with those I meet.

~ Shellie

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