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Keeping It Real | Invitation To A “Beautiful Mess Chat”
April 29, 2021
My Favorite Summer Stuff
My Favorite Summer Stuff
June 10, 2021

A few weeks have passed since I’ve focused attention toward this little space of my world. My time has been occupied with my mama space, which truthfully, whether for good or for bad, seems to eclipse most others.

I’ve been away setting my daughter up in a new state for her new job.  It took us three days to drive 1,100 miles in his dad’s sturdy, black Ford 250 truck. Well, I guess it’s more accurate to say I sat in the passenger seat for a 1,100 mile road trip.

I typically never drive on long trips. I’m always content to ride and leave the driving to the king of the road. But in this case, our vehicle was so big and so loaded that every move took deliberate consideration…nope, this girl’s got no time for that! My mind was on furniture placement and wall hangings.

1,100 Mile Road Trip - worldly goods in tow

We glided along the interstate like an ocean liner set for Missouri; literally stuffed with my daughter’s worldly goods. Upon arrival to the “Show Me State”, we spent a week unpacking and scouring the surrounding area for the best deals to fill in the missing pieces. Yep, that would be one full day of couch shopping and one full, rainy day to find a used washer and dryer.

1,100 Mile Road Trip

Could we have done it in less time? The short answer is yes, but then I redirect you to the object of our search…the best deals. Aha, now most of you know exactly how these searches go. You look at one item and then set out to beat it, only to return to the same store five hours later after realizing that yes, it was a pretty good deal after all!

1,100 Mile Road Trip - To Set Up A Home

1,100 Mile Road Trip

The apartment took shape from boxes and piles to quaint and cozy. Yes, this mama’s work was done, but then I looked at the date on the calendar and the faces of recent 2021 graduates smiling from my social media feed. I realized that a year had passed since my Baby Girl’s graduation day had slipped by with no pomp in rather somber circumstances.

Yes, I had just finished unpacking and setting up a two-bedroom apartment after a three-day road trip. But, the light bulb came on in my morning shower. I emerged with plans to throw an impromptu “Moved to a new state, new job, new apartment…oh, and never celebrated her graduation” party in two days before we headed back to Florida.

Almost everyone I invited with only two days’ notice found space in their hearts and calendars to celebrate with us. The party went off without a hitch! Well, except for the part where I framed the wrong diploma, which was actually for her AA degree instead of her bachelor’s degree. The location of her diploma is yet a mystery.

1,100 Mile Road Trip - For My Baby Girl

The next day, we turned the truck around for the 1100 mile road trip back to Florida. Thank God for husbands because this girl was practically comatose for half of the trip!

We got back with a day to spare before heading to an annual ministers’ conference. Wow, I must say that it felt strange and oh-so-good to be with people again.

Was the trip hard? Not nearly as hard as missing it would have been!

In the end, we always make time and expend the effort to do what we really want to do not matter how hard it is.

I guess that’s why it always helps to get down to the why of what we do. If we act with our why in focus then we will always find greater joy, contentment and a sense of accomplishment.

I’ve been asked if it was hard to leave my Baby Girl so far away. Honestly, I would love it if I could see her face every day of my life. But then, I realize that making my life easier would never allow her to fully live hers.

Instead, I rest in the knowledge that she’s set up in a really nice apartment under the watchful eye of a really good God!

Now that’s something that makes the distance bearable, well that and video chats…smile.

~ Shellie

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  1. What a wonderful road trip and how lucky your daughter is to have such a sweet mama as you! Wishing her the very best in her new job and apartment!

    • Shellie Bowdoin says:

      Thanks Debbie. I think we’re both pretty lucky. She’s a great girl!

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  3. Thanks for that lovely and enjoyable post, it was beautiful. Our JULIE thought so too as she has chosen your post to be featured in the next Blogger’s Pit Stop.

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