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September 15, 2016
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September 20, 2016
Reasons Adults Love Disney

OK, so I’m from Florida and one thing a lot of us Florida folk have in common is our love for Disney World! I guess it’s just part of our Florida DNA. But, I have noticed that people from other places often only consider Disney World as a kid destination. However, there are a host of reasons why I think it can be the perfect adult destination as well.

Reasons Adults Love Disney

We all need a little awe and wonder in our lives, so here are my 7 reasons why adults should love Disney World!

7 Reasons Adults Love Disney World

1. Rideable Rides

Reasons Why Adults Love Disney

I used to love roller coasters when I was young. But, some bio-physical phenomenon occurred in my mid-thirties that has since made it impossible for me to go up and down or side to side without getting a good case of motion sickness.

So, that means most amusement parks spell me sitting on a shady bench most of the day as I wait for my loved ones to reappear from behind a bush. However, I can actually ride and enjoy most of the rides at Disney World.

2. Plenty of Exercise

You can actually eat all you want and not worry for the day!

I love to eat when I’m on vacation, but I don’t like to deal with the resulting weight gain. But, a day at Disney requires tons of walking, so there is no shortage of exercise. That means I can eat all the yummy park food and burn it off at the same time.

Here are the average walking distances from the entrances of the Disney parks:

  • Magic Kingdom – 2.17 miles
  • Epcot – 2.78 miles
  • Hollywood Studios – 1.39 miles
  • Animal Kingdom – 2.27 miles

3. Get away from the worries of the “Real” World.

OK, come on, where else can you go where everyone else is smiling? Is it realistic…No, but isn’t that the whole point? Most of us would agree we have more than our fair share of real world concerns to tackle on a daily basis.

4. World class resorts and golf are plentiful.

This year, my husband and I ate at the Marrakesh Restaurant in Epcot’s Morocco for my birthday. It felt just like going abroad for the evening.

Disney has some gorgeous golf courses. My husband surprised me with a day of golfing and a show several years back and it is one of my favorite birthday memories. Not to mention we found tons of golf balls in the bushes just off the fairway!

5. You don’t have to drive yourself anywhere!

Who wouldn’t like to have her own chauffeur? It’s so nice to just sit back and let someone else drive you right where you need to go.

6. The place is beautiful and full of nature’s colors.

Few places have as much horticultural beauty in one place. The grounds are immaculate and a feast for the eyes.

7. It’s a place that holds fond memories.

Reasons Why Adults Love Disney

If you are like me, you took your kids to Disney when they were young. As I walk by certain places, my thoughts immediately go back to a prior trip when I watched my younger kids enjoy the same thing. It’s my happy place.

Have you ever considered Disney as an adult vacation destination?

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  1. Pamela Smith says:

    I live in California, so Disneyland is our go-to place. When my daughter’s turned 21 and 18, they still wanted to go to Disneyland! You are so right about the memories too. It’s just a wonderful place to go!

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