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November 5, 2019
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Holiday Eating Survival Guide: How To Approach The Loaded Holiday Table
November 19, 2019

Just keep beating your drum…

People don’t always have to play the same instruments to make a pleasing melody. In fact, it’s the blending of different rhythms and notes that give our songs nuance and interest.

You may be marching along in perfect step, while the cadence of others falters under the considerable weight of daily life and worries.  Their missteps don’t have to break your rhythm or compromise your groove as long as you keep your eyes fixed on the horizon.

Just keep beating your drum…

You’ve got a course set before you and God’s given you an instrument to play. If you’re really playing in his band, then he’s got a playlist and purpose for every step you take.

Just keep beating your drum…

It’s so tempting to call others out for their sour notes, but that’s not the part God’s ever called you to play.

Just keep beating your drum…

Everyone knows that the crowds hear the drums long before the rest of the band. They can feel the excitement of an approaching drum line.

Just keep beating your drum…


When you do what God’s called you to do with purposefulness and determination, others will be attracted to your song. When you successfully reproduce the same rhythmic cadence over and over again, people will notice your consistency and they’ll be attracted to it. And eventually, they’ll catch on to your tune and be compelled to tap their feet along to your beat.

14 But when I saw that their conduct was not in step with the truth of the gospel, I said to Cephas before them all, “If you, though a Jew, live like a Gentile and not like a Jew, how can you force the Gentiles to live like Jews?”

Galatians 2:14

No one denies that the world is marching to the beat of a completely different drum these days. It can be so tempting to get bogged down in politics and thing you know you’re acting and thinking in ways that are not in step with who you are or what you’ve been called to do. And that is the only thing the world sees.

But, we are called to do better, to live by a higher standard…God’s standard. A consistent witness in an inconsistent world…now that’s something people will be attracted to.

Just keep beating your drum until others join your parade!

~ Shellie

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  1. How lovely! Of course, you are right, and the example has been set for us by the faithfulness of God’s servants both in biblical history and the history of the church. Blessings to you!

    • Shellie Bowdoin says:

      Yes, we are surrounded by a long line of witnesses who have gone before. Thanks for stopping by, Michele.

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