what I really wore - favorite color combo
What I Really Wore – Favorite Color Combo
November 9, 2017
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September 17, 2018

Woohoo, it’s December and time to get to some serious Christmas fun!!! I’ve already decorated the house and I’m counting down the days until my kids and in-laws make it to Manila. There will be lots to do and so little time to do it in the three weeks they’ll be here. I’m also excited to tell you about the Winter 2017 Style Challenge.  I’ll be sharing more about the challenge at the end of this post.

Black Pants

I believe black pants are a staple items every woman should have in her wardrobe. Not only can black pants be worn in a myriad of ways; they also make us look thinner and who doesn’t want that? Well, I should say, they have the possibility of making us look thinner.

black pants wardrobe staple

Black in itself will not necessarily make you look thinner if the cut and proportion of the pants do not suit your body shape.

Take out your pants and give them a closer look. It’s easy to take this little piece of clothing for granted.

black pants wardrobe staple

Is the shape classic and current? The leg should gradually taper at the bottom. Slim-cut pants should hit just above or below the ankle, while wide-legged pants should fall just above the floor with your shoes on.

Also, beware of pants with vertical slit pockets that bulge out from the body. Instead, look for diagonal pockets or pants without pockets at all.

Does the fabric have enough weight to hang well? Heavy fabrics are less likely to bulge and pucker at the waist.

Do the pants skim the body without clinging to it? There’s nothing wrong with holding on to well-constructed staple pieces for years as long as they still fit. However, if your pants no longer fit the current version of you, then it’s time to find some new size-appropriate ones.

black pants wardrobe staple

I currently own seven pair of black pants in different cuts and fabrics. Why? Because they provide endless wardrobe possibilities and they also flatter my figure.

Winter 2017 Style Challenge

Get Your Pretty On (GYPO) offers some great resources to pep up your style quotient this winter. I always try to offer fashion tips in my posts, but I know some of you could still use more step-by-step help to guide you in your fashion choices.

Recently, GYPO contacted me about their style challenges program. I really like their easy-to-follow model for making fashionable dressing accessible to every woman. Most importantly, it’s affordable and you determine how much you want to spend on your wardrobe and how to use pieces that you already own in new ways. I LOVE that!!

Today marks the start of the Winter 2017 Style Challenge. If you could use a little boost in your style this winter, this challenge could be just what your looking for.


winter 2017 style challenge

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Loving it, Shellie

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