my two cents on turning 50
My Two Cents On Turning 50
October 24, 2017
black pants wardrobe staple
Black Pants and Winter 2017 Style Challenge
December 1, 2017

I know some of you are really cooling off, but things are still sizzling in Manila. As much as I’d like to pull out some boots and a sweater, it’s still short sleeves for me. Black, white and red are undoubtedly my favorite color combo. I met a friend for lunch yesterday and I decided to keep things simple.

what I really wore - my favorite color combo

What I Really Wore

what I really wore - favorite color combo

Favorite Color Combo

Here’s a look at what I really wore. I am a major fan of black and white, but my signature color is red. So, I often put these three colors together for my favorite color combo. Typically, I add red by way of accessories. In this case, I opted for my comfy red leather loafers.

I like to turn up the bottom of my jeans a bit. It’s nice to highlight this area because the ankle is the narrowest part of the leg.

what I really wore - favorite color combo

I chose this top for a couple of reasons. For one, the horizontal strips are narrow, which keeps the pattern from adding width to my silhouette. I added a long vertical pendent necklace to further draw the eye up and down instead of side-to-side with the stripes.

what I really wore - favorite color combo

The front also has a fun knotted detail. Most importantly, it skims my body rather than clinging to it. Fashion Tip: When shopping for jersey shirts, look for styles that skim slightly away from your body without adding a lot of excess bulk. Also, look at the back view when trying on clothes to see how they hang…you may not be able to see it, but everyone else can.

what I really wore - favorite color combo

What’s your favorite color combo? Think through your favorite outfits. Does your go-to, favorite color combo reflect your personality? If not, maybe it’s time to find ways to integrate your signature color into more of your outfits.

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Loving it, Shellie




  1. Beautiful and stylish outfit! Are you back in Manila now? Hope you are doing well. It’s always great to see your post. I love putting pink and purple together, but love that black, white and red combo, also!

    • Shellie Bowdoin says:

      Hi Debbie! Yes, we’ve been back almost two months and I am feeling settled again. Thanks for your encouragement.

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