Tie A Button Up Shirt
How To Tie Button-Up Shirt At The Waist
April 4, 2016
Three Quarter Length V-Neck Tee
Three Quarter Length V-Neck Tee – Favorite Things
April 7, 2016

Spring ends up being an extremely busy time for the parent of semi-grown kids! With one in college and one finishing high school, I have been working on a mile-high stack of forms.

Semi-Grown Kids

This week I can actually breathe and say, “Ah, the kids are situated!”

  • Taxes done
  • FAFSA done
  • Universities now satisfied that taxes and FAFSA were done properly
  • Daughter successfully applied, accepted, registered for orientation and housing, verified as immunized
  • Son successfully signed for a new apartment lease

I can almost hear some of you who’ve been there and done all of this saying, “Glad it’s you and not me!” and I don’t blame you one bit. Who knew how much paperwork could accompany one kid’s transition into adulthood?

But this week, I get to give myself a little pat on the back and a leisurely exhale. I’ll take it and rest up until the next wave of paperwork rolls in 😉

Still despite it all, my husband’s still as handsome as ever, my kids are well-adjusted human beings, my car runs and my fridge is full…life is still oh so good.

Share The Love, Week #14

Share The Love, Week #14

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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Make 6 small changes for a mid century look
♥Karren-Host / Oh My Heartsie Girl / 6 Decorating Ideas For The Mid Century Look
The simple, minimalistic look of the time
brought “casual living” in as the central focus of the era’s style.

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Tired Of Mentally Debating Your Food Choices?
♥Co-Host Shellie/ Fabulous Journey / Tired Of Mentally Debating Your Food Choices?

Are you tired of mentally debating food choices? The mental debate over food choices is a real struggle for many of us. In fact, I would dare say that mental ping pong determines our food choices the majority of the time.

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Southwest Bacon Frittata
♥Co-Host Christine Mello / Must Love Home / Southwest Bacon Frittata
A Southwest Bacon Frittata, on the table in less than 30 minutes!
So quick and easy as a weeknight dinner or fancy brunch!
And it can be made ahead of time!!
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Bathroom Competition with Tile Mountain
♥Co-Host Evija Roberts/ From Evija With Love/Bathroom Competition with Tile Mountain
This is a fun post sharing my dream bathroom and also my entry in a fabulous contest!
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Reception Palm Tree
♥Co-Host Donna Wirthlin / Two Chicks And A Mom / Reception Palm Tree /
A fun and delicious design for a wedding reception or shower!
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DIY Scarf Hanger/Organizer
♥Co-Host Ashleigh / Simply Wright / DIY Scarf Hanger/Organizer/
A simple, inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing way to hang your scarves –
or belts, ties, & hats- so that they are not
falling onto the ground or hidden in a drawer.
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John Stahl is sharing a story with us today. Pastor. Friend. Author.
♥Co-Host Susan B Mead / Just JESUS Them
Just JESUS Them comes with a WARNING. This is not a devotional, it is a DO-votional.
Your faith is ignited when you begin loving others as Jesus loved.
Oh, by the way, comment for your chance to win one of 5 FREE books!
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What is a Funk and How Can I Avoid It?
♥Co-Host Kelly LaFollette / Raising Samuel’s Home-School /
What is a Funk and How Can I Avoid It?
How we can avoid the pitfalls of a funk, and embrace the joy that is around us.

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Release Your Guilt 5 Reasons Why Taking Care of Ourselves Isn’t Selfish
♥Co-Host Sarah Hamlin / Living Intentionally Simple /
Release Your Guilt: 5 Reasons Why Taking Care of Ourselves Isn’t Selfish
Caregivers tend to put other people’s needs before their own. Here’s 5 reason we should
make it a point to stop pushing our needs aside.

BL | Pin Divider 989321gyey13hzit Bakwan - vegetables fritter a la Indonesia

♥Co-Host Indah / My Purple World / Bakwan – Vegetables Fritter a la Indonesia
Vegetables lovers, come closer..Let’s try this super easy veggie fritters
a la Indonesia with all the goodness of veggies you have in your fridge. Enjoy..
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Divider 989321gyey13hzitTech tools that help to organize your weightless efforts.

♥Co-Host Tracy / Turnaround at 50 / Organizing Weight Loss /
Tech tools that help to organize your weight loss efforts.

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French Pinched Pleat Curtain Construction- My Office Project♥Co-Host Maxine White/Studio Paint Design / French Pinched
Pleat Curtain Construction- My Office Project

My post is from the fall and did not get much traffic.
I thought I would share my whole office makeover series over the month.
The first is a post on how to construct a french pinch pleat curtain.

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DIY Multi-Strand Bracelet

♥Co-Host Paola Ayers/ Do It With Heart / DIY Multi-Strand Bracelet
Create a fun one of a kind bracelet using basic jewelry making skills. Perfect for gifts,
Mother’s Day or wine and craft nights!

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Ebleskivers-apple and chocolate filled pancakes

♥Co-Host Kim Friedl/ Baking For Blessings / Ebleskivers-Apple and Chocolate Filled Pancakes
Ebleskivers, otherwise known as pancake puffs in my
home, are delicious filled pancakes that are perfect for a special breakfast or brunch.
I chose to fill mine with spiced apples for the adults and chocolate chips for the kids!
They are wonderful alone or served with whipped cream and syrup.

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Your Co-Hosts Picks From Last Week’s Party
Divider 752004ewor3ue4oiMy Suburban Kitchen - 30-Spring-Recipes-Square-Donna

♥Co-Host Pick by Donna of Two Chicks and A Mom /
My Suburban Kitchen /30-Spring-Recipes-SquareNigra Furniture - French Provincial Painted Wardrobe
♥Co-Host Pick by Evija Roberts of From Evija With Love
Nigra Furniture – French Provincial Painted Wardrobe

Honey and Birch Chicken Corn Chowder Recipe

♥Co-Host Pick by Susan Mead Susan B Mead

Honey and Birch / Chicken Corn Chowder Recipe

Flamingo Toes Spring Pastel Ribbon Table Runner

♥Co-Host Pick by Ashleigh / Simply Wright /
Kiku Corner / Flamingo Toes / Spring Pastel Ribbon Table Runner
Sunny Sweet Days Work at Home Office

♥Co-Host Pick by Kelly Raising Samuel’s Home-School /
Sunny Sweet Days / Work at Home Office DelightfulEMade.com - Blueberry Muffin Donuts and Teacher Appreciation Gift Basket

♥Co-Host Pick by Kim / Baking For Blessings
DelightfulEMade.com / Blueberry Muffin Donuts and Teacher Appreciation Gift Basket

Re Doit Yourself Inspirations - Farm Style Cutting Board Holder and Chalkboard ♥Co-Host Pick by Christine Must Love Home/
Redo It Yourself Inspirations/ Farm Style Cutting Board Living la Vidaholoka - Fairy Garden
♥Co-Host Pick by Tracy / Turnaround at 50
Living La Vida Holoka /Fairy Garden


♥Co-Host Pick by Indah / My Purple World
The Whole Serving /Raw-Gluten-Free-Tacos

Flamingo Toes -Ribbon-and-Chain-Wrap-Bracelet ♥Co-Host Paola Ayers/ Do It With Heart
Flamingo Toes / Ribbon-and-Chain-Wrap-Bracelet

spring-decorating-ideas♥Pick by Karren

The Sunny Umbrella / Rustic Spring Decorating Ideas

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