My Most Effective Fitness Habits
My Most Effective Fitness Habits
September 18, 2015
Make A Color Statement - Royal Blue
Make A Color Statement!
September 21, 2015

Go Check Out The Good Mother ProjectIt has been a little over a year since I sent my first-born off to college. Obviously, I did not die of a broken heart even though I honestly felt like I would when I first drove out of the parking lot to leave him in his new college town.

We got to spend several weeks with my son this summer and this mama’s heart was pleased to see him growing and maturing in little ways. And yes, I think his voice has even deepened over the year. But he’s not the only one who has changed. I have also grown a little stronger from the experience because I had to find ways to keep going with him no longer in my everyday life.

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I am pleased that the The Good Mother Project chose to reprint the article I wrote about my first chick leaving the nest. They have a mission to support moms in their important role, they understand that:

…until you are a mother, you have no idea just how huge it really is. You show up every day, offering love, encouragement, and support. You show up every day offering your passions, your laughter, your skills, and your wisdom. You show up every day offering all that is you.

You are a good mother. And that is enough.

I hope you will take a minute to check out The Good Mother Project and read my story When The First Chick Leaves The Nest . Their site is filled with heartfelt articles for moms from moms who’ve been there.

Living It, Shellie


  1. Andrea Nine says:

    Tears here! I cannot even tell you how much I can relate to this as my two oldest get ready to leave the nest next year. I picture myself sobbing in the passenger seat as my husband drives away from campus!! Perhaps feeling my purpose is over. Blogging in addition to my other work has brought me another purpose and is just the redirection you mention. So while I will be anguished, I will have Hope and I will know I am not alone. Thank you for this.

    • says:

      Aww, I hear you mama! It does help to know others understand your pain, but then each parent still has to walk it through on their own.

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