The Find Your Weigh/Walk In Freedom study can be kicked off with a larger opening session called the FIRST STEP CELEBRATION.

This is an opportunity to build excitement for your study. It is also gives your women an easy, natural opening to invite their friends and family to participate. The Celebration allows time for fellowship and fun.

A free resource pack is available for use with the study. It includes invitations you can personalize for your event, as well as, posters, bulletin inserts, power point slides and a video trailer to help get the word out.

A general program outline is also provided for you, but you can feel free to change things up to better suit your environment.

The primary goal is to convey the fact that God loves each woman, they are valued and He desires for them to Walk In Freedom.

Host Your Own First Step Celebration

Here's everything you need to host a celebration for the ladies in your church and community.