Review of NIV Verse Mapping Bible and Journal
Review of NIV Verse Mapping Bible & Journal
February 25, 2021
striped button-up shirt
Striped Button-Down Shirt
March 18, 2021

Anybody else relate when I say that the 50th decade brings a lot of new stuff with it? I’ve had to rethink my workout routine, sleep, food choices and skincare. So, I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that I am finding myself changing makeup over 50 as well.

I have worn makeup regularly for the past 40 years and I guess you could say I’ve become an expert at it. If pressed, I can put on a full face and be out the door in ten minutes. Now, that doesn’t mean that I do it that fast every time or even most of the time…a fact that my husband can well attest to having waited a few years of his life for me to get ready.

Makeup application is just something I take for granted. But, as the landscape of my face subtly changes from year to year, I am finding it necessary to make certain tweaks and changes to keep my makeup looking fresh and flattered.

For a lot of us, change is an unwelcome concept. We don’t want the bother and the uneasiness…and we really don’t want to take the time to figure out something new. So, it’s easy to find ourselves leaning on the same products and the same techniques we’ve used for decades.

The problem with this is that the same products that worked well a few decades ago may no longer enhance the face we have today. So today, I’m talking about changing makeup over 50 and offering some tips on a few changes I’ve made along the way.

Changing Makeup Over 50

Changing Makeup Over 50

I talk about changing makeup over 50 in this Youtube video, but I’ll outline the main points here again.

Softer Eyeliner

Eyeliner is important for bringing definition and shape to our eyes, but I have found the need to go lighter as I age. I used to use black liquid eyeliner to make a thick line along my upper lash, but I now use the thinnest of lines that blends into my lashes. Then, I finish off the top lid with an espresso brown eyeliner pencil. I go a step lighter brown underneath my eye and I stop about half-way across my lower lash. Finally, put a small dot of black pencil liner in the out corner of my eye and smudge it both above and below.

Changing Makeup Over 50

Color Corrector

Our skin becomes thinner as we age. This can cause our veins and capillaries to show through; especially under our eyes and around our nose. A color corrector does a great job of camouflaging these areas and you choose a color corrector based on the color of your veins; whether they show through as blue, green or red. Here’s a simple tutorial if you are unsure what color corrector would work best with your skin.

Undereye Moisture

The delicate skin of our undereye area can often dry out, which ends up accentuating any fine lines or wrinkles. I’ve found that I can tap on a tiny bit of Jojoba oil to keep this area hydrated after I have finished applying my makeup.

Changing Makeup Over 50

Powder and Setting Spray

Finally, I’ve gone back and forth on powder. I like that it sets my makeup, but I hate when it makes me look like I’m wearing a mask. Lately, I have settled on applying powder down the center of my face and a slight bit across my cheeks. I avoid putting powder under my eyes. Then, I apply setting spray with a beauty blender. This step leads to the most natural look because the setting spray actually melts the makeup slightly leaving your makeup looking much more natural.

Well, that’s what I’ve changed up to this point!

God Never Changes

While my life and my face continues to change, I’m so glad that I can place my hope and confidence in a God who never changes.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

James 1: 17

We just emerged from a shaky two weeks of uncertainty with one of my kids and I am thrilled to say that God brought us through!! He was right there the whole time; giving us the peace that passed our own understanding and the confidence propped up by literally thousands of prayers.

We could count on Him to be the same faithful God who has shown up for us time and time again.

~ Shellie

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  1. Thanks for the tips Shellie. It’s probably time for me to re-evaluate my makeup routine. Like you said, sometimes change feels like too much effort, but a few simple updates could be worth it. I found your blog on the Blogger’s Pit Stop.

  2. I have found that adding moisture to my skin as I age is extremely important and I also have to battle rosacea that has worsened. I use a mineral powder to set my face makeup and that works well for me without that “cakey” look. Great post!

    • Shellie Bowdoin says:

      Thanks Debbie. Glad you found something that works well for you.

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