gaucho pants, what I really wore
Gaucho Pants | What I Really Wore
November 12, 2020
10 Thankful Days – Part Two | Happy Thanksgiving
November 26, 2020
gaucho pants, what I really wore
Gaucho Pants | What I Really Wore
November 12, 2020
10 Thankful Days – Part Two | Happy Thanksgiving
November 26, 2020

In light of the events of 2020, it’s easy to see why some of us would just like to close our eyes, click our heels and wish the rest of this year away. Phew, it has been a toughie! But then, I’ve also felt God’s presence, seen His miraculous healing power, and sensed His direction in this year as well. So, I have marked off 10 thankful days leading up to Thanksgiving.

I’ve come up with my list to count down over the next two weeks…10 thankful days to focus on the awesome things in my life. Just maybe, my list can help you focus in on a list of your own.

Faithful Friends

It’s a slippery slope when you start listing friends. In fact, I had to redo this graphic two times to add more and still there’s quite a few who didn’t get added. But then, that’s the thing about good friends…I know they’ll love me anyway. Take a moment to thank God for the awesome faithful friends He’s placed in your life to share your sorrows and a few inside jokes that always make you smile.

Faithful Friends - 10 Thankful Days


If anything, these eight months have taught me to cherish all of life’s moments in a much richer way. God, thank you for the many haircuts I have enjoyed over the course of my life and the sense of well-being they bring. I will never again underestimate the life-changing effect of properly coiffed hair.

Haircuts - 10 Thankful Days

Cheese & Chocolate

We’ve all tried to answer this question before, “If you had to give up one thing, what would it be cheese or chocolate?”…to which my answer is neither! I’m so glad I don’t really have to make that choice. Now, I admittedly can’t eat all of them I want all of the time, but I can and do enjoy cheese and chocolate in moderation on a regular basis. Maybe I should have just said dairy products…smile.

Cheese & Chocolate - 10 Thankful Days

Growing Up Southern

My life has been greatly enriched by my southern roots. Of course, the tastiness of our food cannot be denied, but then it’s much more than that. Growing up southern taught me a certain diplomacy of speech that extends far past a few leisurely I’s (ayes). Asians also prefer to circle the subject several times to get one’s meaning across.

Growing Up Southern - 10 Thankful Days


I send out big hugs to my family…those people who know me best and still choose to love me fiercely, because that’s just what family does.

Family - 10 Thankful Days

Well, my list is half-way through and my cup is already running over with gratitude. It’s a “glass half full” thing! When we focus our gaze on our many blessings, our attention is immediately drawn away from those things that threaten to steal our peace and joy.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.
His love endures forever.

Psalms 136:1

See you next week with five more…take a minute to share some of your blessings in the comments.

~ Shellie

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