frugal fashion
How To Shop As A Fabulously Frugal Fashion Hunter
January 16, 2016
Wonderful Wednesday
Catching A Parade – Wonderful Wednesday
January 20, 2016
frugal fashion
How To Shop As A Fabulously Frugal Fashion Hunter
January 16, 2016
Wonderful Wednesday
Catching A Parade – Wonderful Wednesday
January 20, 2016

Fashion offers endless creative possibilities. Every now and then I have some closet time where I play around with my clothes; mixing and matching them into different outfits. Today, I am sharing a fun redo – a maxi dress winterized.

maxi dress winterized

Maxi Dress Winterized

I first brought out this maxi dress from Steinmart for a day at Seaside. I really like the high-lo skirt, which makes it a lot easier to move. The colors of this dress are work perfectly to restyle it as a winter look.

maxi dress winterized, first seen at the beach

To “winterize” this dress, I paired it with a tapered black sweater belted at the middle (belt by Anne Klein). I like how the tapered bottom of the sweater mirrors the tapered bottom of the dress.

maxi dress winterized

Of course, I had to add black leather boots to make it a true winter look! Then, I further accented the red with a Mango Touch bag and red coral necklace.

maxi dress winterized

maxi dress winterized

Finally, I finished the look with stainless steel jewelry and a beaded bracelet. The only thing I couldn’t add was the snow!

maxi dress winterized

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How about you…when’s the last time you’ve spent a little closet time to find new ways to mix and match the clothes in your wardrobe? I’d love to see some of your re-do’s. Take a pic and email it to me at thefabjourney(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll share it in a future post!

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Loving It, Shellie


  1. Renata says:

    I love this idea of “winterizing”! Great outfit:)

  2. Anna Parkes says:

    Shellie it’s such a good idea to find some closet time to play around and reinvent our clothes. I love the transition from summer to winter that you’ve achieved with so few steps. Great colours for you of course. Another winner x
    Anna’s Island Style

    • Shellie Bowdoin says:

      Thanks Anna! I love my closet time. I come up with all kinds of new combinations.

  3. Love how you remix your maxi dress for winter. I don’t wear my maxi dresses/skirts much for winter and that probably has more to do with the colors/prints of them.

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you next week. Have a great weekend!


  4. Rania says:

    Looking great and the selections you made are beautiful as well! Would love if you can link up to I post a link up every day. You can subscribe to my list to get the notifications 🙂

  5. Lanae Bond says:

    I love how you winterized your maxi dress!

  6. Alecz says:

    I love how you’ve winterized this! It’s so key to be able to wear pieces all year round. It’s still a beautiful dress–just great for winter now!

  7. Laurie says:

    I love how you have re styled this Shellie. I love to get the most out of my wardrobe too, restyling and creating different looks. The colours are amazing on you too.
    Laurie x

    • Shellie Bowdoin says:

      Hi Laurie. Yes, red is definitely one of my go-to colors. I really like restyling my outfits because it makes fashion more of an art than merely an everyday necessity.

  8. Anna Shirley says:

    Very nice Shellie. This outfit works perfectly together. I love your bag. o)


    • Shellie Bowdoin says:

      Hi Anna, I really love my red bag too. It’s actually become my everyday winter bag. I guess that says a lot about my wardrobe when a red bag goes well with everything I wear 😉

  9. Michele says:

    I love this! I have a perfectly good black maxi dress from summer that is wasting away in my closet! Why didn’t I think of this?

    • Shellie Bowdoin says:

      I bet you can do a lot with a black maxi because the color is already perfect for winter. Take her out and give her a whirl, Michele!

  10. Sherry says:

    I never thought of wearing my summer maxi in the winter. It looks great and I love the colors.
    I would love to join the refine style group. Thanks for sharing!

    • Shellie Bowdoin says:

      Hi Sherry, I just added you to the My Refined Style reminder email list. We look forward to having you next month!

  11. It’s fantastic how you’ve changed this maxi dress from summer to winter! Love your belt and cardigan, it really turns this dress into something perfect for the weather.

  12. Jennie says:

    Beautiful striped maxi and you did an amazing job styling it for winter! I really like the hi-lo hemline with your boots. Thanks for the feature, friend!

    • Shellie Bowdoin says:

      Yes Jennie, that is a perk of the hi-lo hemline…it really helps to show off the shoes!

  13. The dress looks great winterized! And I love the bag.

    I’ll have to go experiment a bit more in my closet…

  14. Very nice, love the stylings and all the models 🙂

  15. Jennie says:

    So loving how you styled your summer maxi for winter! The bold stripes are gorgeous. Thanks for the feature, my friend!

  16. Johanna says:

    Thank you for featuring me. And I love your dress and the way you layered it up for a different look. Just gorgeous girl!

  17. Darcy says:

    Great job making this dress winter appropriate!

  18. Andrea Nine says:

    I LOVE what you did with this Maxi. I am a sucker for red, black and white, so super in love with this!! You look beyond gorgeous my friend!!

  19. Patti says:

    Great style ideas here to inspire me, Shellie! You look warm and chic. xox