OMHG Wordless Wednesdy #46
Rainy Day! – OMHG Wordless Wednesday
September 16, 2015
My Most Effective Fitness Habits
My Most Effective Fitness Habits
September 18, 2015

My week got started with a soaking-wet rainy day, which is quite common in this tropical climate. Often with rain comes flooding in Manila, so that meant a longer-than-usual commute home behind sedans who were frightened of floating away with like logs in a swollen river.

The funny thing is that rain means “party time” for kids. I snapped these pics of some kids making the most of the new “pool” in their front yard!

Rainy Day!

Me? I was just glad to get back to my warm and dry home! Enjoy your Wednesday and the rest of your week just like these kids enjoyed their rainy day!

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  1. we could use some of that rain here!
    it seems people are either getting too little or too much.
    hope you’ll come link up at

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