Cool Linen Dress
Cool Linen Dress – #funsummerfinds Linkup Starting Soon!
June 13, 2015
Best Time Of Day To Exercise
The Best Time To Exercise
June 17, 2015

How To Join A LinkupLinkups can be great fun to stroll through, but it takes a little know-how to add your first link to a linkup.

Here’s step-by-step instructions for how to join a linkup!

  1. Go to The FABulous Journey home page or the post of a current linkup.
  2. Read through the introduction and basic rules for the linkup.
  3. Scroll to the very bottom of the post…you will see a small link “An InLinkz Link-up” or a blue tab that says “Add Link”…Click it!How To Join A Linkup
  4. You will be directed to the linkup page. Enter the URL of the post you would like to link (make sure it is the url for a specific post, not your website url), add post title, type in your email address and name.
  5. If you want to use an image directly from your post, click “From Web”…all the images from that post page should pop up. Select an image, click crop if you need cut it down and then click “Done”…you have added a link!
  6. If you want to upload an image from your computer, click “Upload” and continue through the same process as above.
  7. To add an Instagram pic, click the Instagram icon and follow the directions.
  8. After selecting your image, you will be given the option “Take Me Back To Linkup” or “I Want To Add Another Link To The Same Linkup”.
  9. If you choose to go back to the linkup, you will see your link at the bottom.
  10. Share your linkup on your social media networks to spread the word!

Learning It, Shellie







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  1. Kristine says:

    I sure could have used this about two months ago! When I heard of linkys I was very new and clueless. It took me two weeks to figure out how to link up. I didn’t realize if I just went to almost the bottom of the page, past the other links and BINGO! There it was. My point is I was to embarrassed to ask anyone. So I’m sure I’m not the only one that has felt that way. 🙂 Thanks for sharing that!

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