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April 1, 2015
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Are you willing to do whatever it takes to lose weight? I’m sure the first thing you thought of was exercise or dieting. But, what if I told you that you could benefit from a little slight of hand or should I say slight of mind? Let’s talk about some mind hacks that work for weight loss.

Mind Hacks that work for weight loss: Bite Sharing and Sizing Up The battle of weight is won in the mind. When in the midst of cutting back on your food intake, you are fighting to break long-held ideas of how much food it takes for you to feelsatisfied. Often, you will find that the amount of food your body actually needs to function properly is considerably less than the amounts you are used to eating. That’s why a weight loss mindset is instrumental if you want to lose weight for good.

I have learned that it’s not so much the food, but what I think about the food that really matters. For this reason, I developed a number of mind hacks that work for weight loss that can help you toward the path of mindful eating. They really help me to “be” satisfied with lesser amounts of food. So yes, I have tricked myself into satisfaction and it has worked like a dream.

Mind Hacks That Work For Weight Loss

Bite Trading

This trick works well when you are dining out with someone else who is not watching every bite; like your kids, husband or boyfriend. Order the more sensible option and then trade them for a few bites of their richer entree.

It is amazing how satisfied you feel when you know that you can still have a few bites of your favorite foods. The key here is to eat only a few bites, not half, of the richer entree.

Sizing Up

This hack works well with food that comes in pieces,  like pizza or nuggets of chicken. Here, you purposely size up the food and choose the smaller pieces.

I employ this hack when eating pizza. It is one of the foods that I find hardest to resist. My mind just doesn’t seem satisfied with less than three pieces, so I intentionally chose the three smallest pieces. When all is said and done, my mind is satisfied that I had three pieces even when the actual combined amount is closer to two.

Have you ever tried putting one over on yourself with food? It really is all in our minds, so why don’t you give one of these a try?

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