Parent Checklist For College: Junior Year
Parent Checklist For College: Junior Year
March 28, 2015
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April 1, 2015
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It's Never Too Late, by KarenGillman

Karen Gillman

Shellie Bowdoin and Karen GillmanI would like to recommend a new book, It’s Never Too Late: A Ten-Year Journey With Weight Loss Surgery, by my good friend, Karen Gillman. I met Karen eight years ago, shortly after she had lost 145 pounds from lap band surgery. I had just recently moved back to my husband’s home town and had few friends there. We were introduced through a mutual friend and I was immediately attracted to her vivacious personality and zest for life. We became fast friends and she has been one of my most trusted friends ever since.

Although I did not know Karen before her weight loss surgery, I am It's Never Too Late, by KarenGillmaninspired by her remarkable story of leaving her small Idaho town to forge a brand-new life for herself in a whole new part of the country. I have seen her craft a new business and receive multiple accolades for her effort. I have also watched her labor unselfishly for the needs of others.

Not surprisingly, once Karen decided to proceed with the surgery she never looked back. She has pursued her weight loss goals with the same tenacity as everything else in her life.

Karen is the first person to tell you that weight loss surgery is only a tool. In her book she explains how she has utilized that tool to successfully maintain her weight loss for a decade.

If you, or someone you know, has undergone weight loss surgery or is contemplating it, I encourage you to purchase Karen’s book, It’s Never Too Late. I believe this book is a must-have book for anyone considering weight loss surgery. Her book will inspire you and provide valuable insights into her personal experience with life after weight loss surgery.

You can order the book at:

Please let me know if you end up ordering this wonderful book!

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