food for entertainment vs. fuel
Entertainment Vs Fuel Dilemma With Food
February 12, 2015
Love Is In The Little Things
Love Is In The Little Things
February 14, 2015


It just seemed right to do my first fashion shoot based on my new FABulous Journey logo (oh, and yes, I did draw the logo first). So, it’s real life imitating art! I asked my daughter to give some feedback after I had drawn it and she said, “Mom, you know it really does look like you!”

First Fashion Shoot, The FABulous Journey

Yes, I am the real-life woman in red. Unfortunately for me, the fashion industry doesn’t churn out tons of red clothing. Really, it would probably be more appropriate to call myself the woman accented in red, but that just doesn’t roll from the tongue nearly as well!

Well, this “photo shoot” consisted of a Canon one-step camera, a black table cloth and a tripod; no fancy lighting or camera tricks. Oh, and my beauty entourage was the sum total of me, myself and I. But, something seems really right about that. After all, isn’t that how it usually is? We all, myself included, love to look at fashion spreads to gain inspiration,  but then when it comes right down to brass tacks we are on our own to make the magic happen.

Well, I’m not sure if any magic happened here, but I do hope that just a little of God’s grace seeped into the frame.PicMonkey Collage

What Can You Expect?

When it comes to future posts, I have a lot of fun tips for Functional Fashion For 40+. Let’s face it, most of us will likely never sit on the front row at New York Fashion Week, but we can all dress in figure-flattering clothes that make us feel fabulous. We’ll talk about colors, staple pieces, basic alterations that can make a huge difference and the most-figure flattering fabrics to name a few. 

Is there something you would like me to dig into and share? Let me know!

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