Avoid The Scale For The First 3 Weeks
Avoid The Scale For The First 3 Weeks
January 17, 2015
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January 19, 2015

Most of us are accustomed to using the scale to measure our weight. That is all fine and good as long as we stop there. However, the struggle comes when we then allow the number that we see to determine how we feel about ourselves. This is the point where we chose helplessness over hopefulness. The scale does not measure self worth.

I have definitely had my struggles with the scale and I have launched into a number of self-berating sessions, but ultimately it’s not feelings of shame and helplessness that propelled me forward in my journey with weight. The Scale Does Not Measure Self Worth, plus printable

The scale only registers weight. It does not display confidence, integrity or self-worth. Only you can do that! – Shellie Bowdoin

It’s essential to internalize this very important reality…the scale does not measure self-worth and it will never be able to. Instead, a positive outlook and a new resolve to take charge of my own life and choices proved much more motivating!

I have included a printable to help you internalize this important truth.

Printable: The Scale Only Registers Weight

If you didn’t read my last post on avoiding the scale for the first 3 weeks, take a minute to scroll up and give it a look. Here’s wishing you the best at the dawn of a new outlook and journey with weight.

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