First Photo Shoot, The FABulous Journey
First Post – Life Is A Fabulous Journey!
January 1, 2015
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Day 50 Of My Weight Journey!
January 5, 2015

You can lose weight over the holidays! That is something that I would have thought inconceivable at one time in my life, but I now realize that the issue of weight is something all of us can actually come to terms with. What’s more, I believe that weight loss is possible at any age. But first, it takes a point of decision.
lose weight over the holidays
Pictures really don’t lie. I looked at photo of myself and was stunned by what I saw. When had I allowed myself to gain so much weight? Quite frankly, I was aware of the number that had been staring up at me from the dreaded platform of uncertainty that sits in the corner of my bathroom floor. But somehow, I had convinced myself that a woman of “my age” should expect her weight to steadily increase.

After all, I had tried, unsuccessfully, to lose weight on two separate occasions that Fall. Both times I launched out with drive and determination only to give up when the scale did not reward my Herculean efforts like I thought it should. Despite those failed attempts, that picture brought on mental plans of the new diet I would launch, yet again, at the dawn of the New Year.

Lose Weight Over The Holidays

Obviously, it would be inconceivable to consider cutting back when the holiday season was just around the corner. That’s when it hit me! I wasn’t in charge of my body or my choices about food. Sometime in my past I had ceded control of my eating to the pleasure of food and the taste of food. After all, no one can resist the draw of rich holiday foods, right?

That day was November 16, 2014, and I decided then and there that something had to change. I didn’t make an elaborate plan, nor did I go on a swan song binge before I hit the miserable diet road. I just made a decision that from that day on I was making the choices, conscious choices,  about the food I ate. It was time to find out what was behind my life-long roller-coaster ride with food. I wasn’t just going to treat the symptomatic weight like I had always done in the past. This time, I was going to explore my thinking about food and try to get a handle on it once and for all.

After that decision, I lost ten pounds over Thanksgiving,  Christmas and New Years! Oh, and did I mention that I was 47 years old? Yes, a middle-aged woman actually lost weight over the holiday season, which most of you would agree is close to miraculous in itself.

However, over the course of this weight journey I have come the conclusion that weight loss is attainable at any age and that’s why I blogged about it for a year and then finally put everything into a book, Find Your Weigh.

I know there is a lot of expert advice out there. I have read countless websites and blogs written by dieticians, doctors and ripped personal trainers. Undoubtedly,  their advice and insights can be extremely helpful. But sometimes, it just helps to talk to a normal, everyday woman who is walking the same path as you are.  I hope you will join me on this weight journey, whether through my weight loss archive  or my book, Find Your Weigh.  We all need a good dose of inspiration,  encouragement, enlightenment and empathy.

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Shellie (1)


  1. Maureen says:

    Shellie, pretty amazing to lose weight over Christmas and New Year, congratulations! Since coming back home I have put on a few kilos and am struggling to lose it. The food here is too good and I find it hard to resist temptation. This week I have started exercising again and thinking more carefully about what and how much I eat!

  2. Dcgreen2015 says:

    Shellie, I look forward to following you on your journey. I too have decided to make conscious choices in regards to food. At the age of 52 one of my pleasures is good food. However, this pleasure should be a luxury, not a daily routine. This is one thing I will change after looking at my Christmas pictures.

    • shbowdoin says:

      Yes, I have discovered that looking into our choices and thinking about food really helps bring balance. Thanks for joining the journey!

  3. Congratulations Shellie!! I too have made a commitment to get my BP down by losing some weight; however, I wasn’t as brave as you and am now at the end of all the holidays, ready to get serious.

  4. kscott93 says:

    I started a year ago….. Can’t wait to follow along with you! The struggle is real! Love you friend

  5. Sherri says:

    Great encouragement! I am right there with you.

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