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Fitness is one of my key topics on The FABulous Journey. While this is a topic of interest for women over 40, it is also a relevant topic for all ages. I first started with a blog called Weight Journey, but I now integrate all fitness/health content into one location on The FABulous Journey.

Here’s a little of my story…

After years of yo-yo dieting, I finally developed a new relationship with food. I always regarded dieting as a temporary situation that required significant deprivation and restricted calories. Consequently, my weight would inevitably creep up again, leaving me to re-run the same scenario.

In my late 40’s, I tried to convince myself that steady weight gain was just an inevitable side-effect of aging. However, I decided to give weight loss one more try after seeing a picture of myself.

During this time, I discovered a lot about myself and my thinking about food. I developed a new weight loss mindset and started practicing mindful eating. Your mind really is the key. Unlock it and you can lose your weight for good.

Exclusive subscription to Weight Journey posts is no longer available, but you can subscribe to my weekly FAB Journey posts at the top of this page.