break the weight loss/weight gain cycle

I found the key to my weight and it WAS NOT a diet!

Prior to November, 2014, I had lost the same 25 to 40 pounds at least ten times in my life. My journey with food started years before when I was still in middle school. At a time when most of my friends gave little thought to food because of their quick pubescent metabolisms, I was short and pudgy. Eventually, I reached my full height in high school and the excess weight finally came off.

The insecurity of being the “fat girl” in those early years undoubtedly affected how I view food today. As a young teen, I really had little control over my weight, which was largely the result of a delayed growth spurt. In fact, I would often resent that my friends could eat anything they wanted and still maintain their slim be-jeaned figures.

The early insecurity I felt about my weight eventually permeated my whole mindset and relationship with food. I developed a helplessness with food by convincing myself that I was powerless against its lure and the constant cycle of weight gain and weight loss.

Consequently, I have ridden the roller-coaster of weight loss and gain for years. While the insecurity of being an overweight teenager consistently motivated me to keep my weight within a specific range, I was never able to keep it in check for good. Despite my best intentions, I always gave in to the lure of food and the loss of self-control…always.

I have tried every different diet imaginable: calorie counting, calorie journaling, diabetic exchanges, carb restriction and weight loss shakes. And you know what? They all worked for a season. But inevitably, the weight would slowly creep back until I was right back where I started from or worse.

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Break The Weight Loss/Weight Gain Cycle

In November, 2014, I took a completely different approach to finally break the weight loss/weight gain cycle.  I decided to record my thoughts along the way through journaling. I wrote about my frustrations and small victories. I noted when I felt the hungriest and I paid special attention to the foods that were the most difficult to resist.  Most importantly, I recorded my self-talk; the internal dialogue that bounced around in my head when I was faced with temptation.

Quite frankly, I didn’t know what to expect from this exercise, but I was fed up with my inability to manage my weight and I decided it was time to get to the bottom of it.

My weight gain was a symptom of some seriously flawed thinking about food. Now, I am truly convinced that your mind is the key to weight loss and weight management. I had to develop a weight loss mindset in order to lose the weight for good; once and for all!

I came to realize I had always felt powerless with food. Honestly, I truly believed that I was unable to resist food and its draw. In retrospect, others who so confidently choose the most sensible menu items or pass on the yummy desserts have always perplexed me. I guess I just figured that my willpower was either broken or misaligned.

Finally, my eyes have opened to the reality that weight gain was a symptom of my flawed thinking about food. Food could only exert power over me if I allowed it to. Ultimately, I am the one who chooses what, when and where I eat. I have the power to chose mindful eating and weight loss is possible.

I Started Telling Others

Once I started down the path of mindful eating, I was amazed at how little I had to think about food or my weight! I was experiencing a new freedom I had never known before. And, I wanted to tell others about the things I learned, so I started blogging about it.

Everything I learned about weight loss and establishing lifelong habits can be found in the weight loss archives of my blog. It’s all here, but I soon realized that people need to have everything in one place so they can work through the process for themselves like I did. So, I set out to write a book where you can walk the same journey I did.

Find Your Weigh

I am convinced that diets are ineffective, short-term solutions to losing weight. Instead of looking for another diet or another workout plan, it’s time to alter your relationship with food for good.

I have taken everything that I’ve learned and blogged about for the last year and a half and put it in one book. Not only that, but I set it up as a workbook with practical exercises and tips to help you along your way.

I know you may be thinking it’s hopeless by now and trust me, I know exactly how you feel…because I felt exactly the same way. Until the light finally dawned and I realized that I had always tackled the weight without ever considering the thoughts, expectations and assumptions that caused me put the weight on in the first place.

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If you are ready for a change, why don’t you give Find Your Weigh a try…what have you got to lose, except for the annoying excess weight you’ve been carrying around? And, if you’re thinking, I don’t want to buy another book, then I challenge you to wade through my weight loss archives for FREE! Either way, you will be taking proactive steps to getting your weight and life back on track!




I care about you and I am genuinely interested in helping you find freedom from the worry of weight. I would love to hear from you. Feel free to drop me a note in the “Get In Touch” tab!

Living It, Shellie