Where I'm Coming From

Here’s a little explanation of where I’m coming from. I am a christian and a blogger, but I am not a Christian blogger. One could look at this and assume that I am in some way ashamed of my Christianity, when in all actuality my reasoning runs largely to the contrary.

In our present day I have noticed an increasing polarization of sides; us against them. Quite frankly, I am not too happy about this characterization because pitting sides grows an environment that is ripe for stereotypes and misunderstandings. After all, it’s hard to empathize or identify with someone whom you never engage or relate with. This makes it much easier to criticize their motives and integrity.

Yep, I am one of those sold-out christian types. I believe the Book hook, line and sinker and I actively pursue God’s direction in my life. But, I also can understand and appreciate that there are people out there who do not share my spiritual zeal, nor do they even remotely comprehend it.

It doesn’t scare me to have friends with different values. I am also convinced that telling them they should is not going to bring them any closer to God. However, I am naive enough to think that people will be more likely to take a second look at God if I am living a consistent life and listening to them at the same time. I guess I really do believe the whole, “it’s not what you say, but how you live” thing.

So, if you have happened upon this page and your curiosity is piqued, then I have included a few road signs and recommendations to help you dig a little deeper.

Of course, I’d love to talk to you myself, so feel free to get in touch any time.

Living It, Shellie