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D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
Find Your Weigh is more than just another diet book. It's a guide to locating a spiritual lifestyle change that blends dietary adjustment with an individual approach that is easy to maintain beyond the desired target weight. It adds a spiritual component to this process that is lacking in most diet books.

What does God's Word have to do with weight loss? Plenty! With obsessions with body, appearance, and food comes a distancing from the holy spirit that produces shame and angst rather than a closer connection to God.

One day, Shellie Bowdoin looked in the mirror and realized that she was not making conscious decisions about what went into her body. In the past, her drive to “get a handle on” weight was all about physical control. In effect, her process "...pushed God to the sideline of my weight struggle. He had been waiting 30 years for me to finally call Him into the game."

Bowdoin reveals a surprising truth about the lack of religious involvement in weight management: "The issue of weight and food is often taboo in Christian circles. We freely discuss everything else: jealousy, pride, depression, and other addictions, but food issues are conspicuously absent. Could it be that we don’t like to bring attention to our food struggles because they’re just so obvious?"

By the end of the first chapter it's obvious that Find Your Weigh isn't just about weight loss. It's about the spiritual lack that accompanies a fixation on weight gain or loss, and about how those on a diet and exercise regimen often lose track of the possibilities that stem from adding God into the bigger picture.

Chapters return God to the forefront by juxtaposing weight loss tips with spiritual reflections and connections: "Christ’s finished work on the cross secured your freedom as an heir to God’s kingdom and a beneficiary of His many promises. Still, you have to make the conscious decision to view your food choices as opportunities to exercise your God-given freedom, rather than as a burden you must bear. Otherwise, you will fall right back to hiding behind your excuses."

From anticipating bumps in this exploration to journaling and establishing workable habits to resist the lure of desserts and detrimental eating, Find Your Weigh follows through on its satisfying blend of spiritual links to body image, weight management, and quality of life. The result is a practical guide to perceptions about life, food, and Christian belief: "Weight loss is a fine benchmark for fitness, but it should not be the end goal. Fitness is more about your mindset and overall health. Jesus warned His disciples, “…do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear. Life is more than food, and the body more than clothes.” (Luke 12:22-24, NIV)

Find Your Weigh is just as goal-oriented as any other book on diet and lifestyle management; but by returning God and Jesus to the formula, it gives Christian readers yet another tool in the pursuit of physical health, mental well-being, and spiritual enlightenment.

This highly recommended read should be in any Christian thinker's collection; especially those interested in self-help, daily living, and better links between physical and mental health and religious purpose.

Sandie Mundis

Women’s Global Networker

"What a refreshing and biblical look at our struggle with weight! Shellie brings hope and practicality to this health journey and outlines powerfully how we can Find our Weigh."

Becca Ketterling

Women's Pastor, River Valley Church

"It’s an incredible journey of freedom from the struggles surrounding your weight and your self-image. I encourage you to dive in and let God work through this incredible book and study."

Debbie Cole

"Off-Script With Debbie"

"Shellie has written a book that will change your thoughts on weight loss. This is not a “diet” book but a personal journey that will encourage you in the area of weight management."

Taylor Kaiser


"As someone who knows the bondage of food and finding your worth in a number on the scale, Find Your Weigh was a breath of fresh air! A must-read for anyone who struggles with food - which is all of us!"