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I guess you could say I backed into becoming an author.

I always wanted to “write a book someday,”

...but then I also wanted to be Miss America and a rock star when I was younger.

But, God saw fit to make this dream come true, although not in the way I would have planned.

I honestly never expected to write a book about mindfulness and food. I just walked the walk and then talked the talk so others could do the same.

The next thing you know, I had blogged so much about my journey that it just made sense to put everything together to make it easier for someone else to follow.

Before I knew it, I was a published author.

But here’s the thing about having something good…you can always find ways to make it even better!

While Find Your Weigh did a good job giving my perspective, I soon sensed th Holy Spirit’s nudge, telling me that I was only half-way there.

Now, isn’t that just like God?

He knew I had some books in me, but he was good enough to only spring one on me at a time.

In the end, I realize that Walk In Freedom was his plan from the beginning. He just took me from the outside of the target to the bull’s eye over the course of almost four years.

But then, I shouldn’t be surprised, I’ve always been his work in progress…

And, I’ll gladly take that…

as long as he just keeps on using me.
Find Your Weigh book
This is Shellie's first follows her journey to figure out what was behind her rollercoaster relationship with food and her weight. She offers a new perspective that you've likely never considered, as well as, proactive steps to help you change your relationship with food. She is currently rewriting it to release with full video bible study in January, 2020.
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This video 9-week Bible Study will reveal many of the common misconceptions you have about food and show you how God’s word and His promises can yield lasting change. You will learn to think about food in a whole new way. Your weight struggle isn't a physical "problem" you have to overcome on your own. It's an opportunity to allow God to manifest His strength into your weakness.